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Students wearing pink in support of breast cancer survivors

Students supporting breast cancer survivors

Student flag football team

Flag football team on Opening Day

Teacher in front of a class of students

Teacher and students in class

A teacher and student in red shirts in a hall

Teacher and student by our cafeteria

Staff and teachers in orange outfits

Here, teachers and staff coordinate work...and outfits

Teachers in orange outfits posing outside of school

Showing our teacher coordination to our neighbors

Four students with masks on in front of fence outside school building

Welcome to our neighborhood

students outside hugging with one wearing a shirt that says hi

Make sure you say hi

Two students with face paint posing outside

We express creativity through face painting and other activities

Students gathered outside with one holding a balloon

It's fun to do arts & crafts together outside

Four students posing with peace signs

Come in peace

Three students posing in matching checkered pants and black tops with two holding peace signs

Matching in style and positive attitude